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Academic Excellence


We are extremely proud of our academic record.

Ministry of Education data shows that Villa Maria

College students consistently perform well above

the national averages for all New Zealand schools,

including other girls’ schools.

There are many reasons why we achieve so well

academically; our College culture, our staff and

our class sizes all contribute to this success.

• Striving for excellence is part of the Villa

culture and our girls are guided and supported

to set goals to achieve their potential.

• Our smaller class numbers are a significant

advantage to both girls and staff who enjoy

close working relationships with their students.

• Villa Maria College teachers are specialists

in their field and passionate about educating

girls. Our culture of excellence begins with our

appointment of the finest teachers who impart

their knowledge with flair.

Life-Long Learners

At Villa Maria College we do our utmost to

bring out the best in all girls; to engage them

in areas they have interest or talent in. They are

encouraged to apply themselves and develop an

appreciation for life-long learning.

Confident Learners

Villa girls are encouraged to be

confident learners and value their

abilities. Academic successes are

celebrated along with hardworking

students who pursue their goals

with purpose. We offer a broad

curriculum base that fosters a

community of independent

learners who explore ideas and

enjoy problem solving.

Supporting our Learners

As part of our commitment to nurturing each girl

and her academic needs, The Villa Maria Learning

Support Department works alongside teachers

to provide opportunities for all students with

specific educational needs. Our staff undergo

professional development to be better equipped

to meet diverse needs, improve outcomes

and raise achievement. Teachers differentiate

classroom programmes and make adjustments to

their teaching practices to ensure students with

specific learning needs have the opportunity to

achieve their potential. The Learning Support

Department works in partnership with parents,

caregivers and whanau to identify students in

need of special assistance and remove barriers to

learning. The Department is staffed by a SENCO

and two teacher aides; it is part of the Pastoral

Care team of the College.

Gifted and Talented

It is our aim to identify and cultivate the gifts

and talents of students. Each College faculty is

committed to providing opportunities for

students with specific gifts and talents. According

to individual circumstances and needs, students

may be offered altered programmes such as

acceleration through year levels and curriculum

acceleration in specific subjects.  In addition,

girls are encouraged to take part in the many

co-curricular and extra-curricular extension

activities offered at Villa Maria College.