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Faculties and Subjects

at Villa Maria College

For more detailed information please refer to the College website.

Religious Studies

Religious Studies is at the

heart of everything we do

at Villa Maria College. It is

compulsory at all levels.

Students study a wide range

of topics. In the senior school

Religious Studies is a full NCEA


Social Sciences

This is a very varied subject

area. It is compulsory for all

students in Years 7-10.

In the senior school it

encompasses Accounting,

Classical Studies, Economics,

Geography and History.

Physical Education

and Health

This is compulsory for all

students to Year 10. Physical

Education and Health are

taught as two separate


In the senior school students

can select Physical Education

as one of their option subjects.

The College has excellent

facilities including a full size

gymnasium, an outdoor

swimming pool, astro turf and

a range of playing fields and

sports courts.


English is compulsory for all

students up to Year 12.

Topics covered range from

Shakespeare to Grammar,

Seminars to Film Studies,

Creative and Formal Writing

and all types of literature.

At Years 12 and 13 Media

Studies is also offered as an

optional subject.

Mathematics and


This is a compulsory subject

for students up to Year 11.

Students can then select from

Mathematics with Calculus

and/or Mathematics with


Languages Te Tari o

Ngā Reo

Villa Maria College currently

offers compulsory Te Reo

Maori for intermediate


Other students can study

French, German, Japanese or

Te Reo.


Technology encompasses

Computing, Digital

Technologies, Textile

Technology, Home Economics,

Hospitality, Business and


The Arts

Subjects offered include: Art,

Art Design, Art History, Art

Sculpture, Drama and Music.

An Arts programme is

compulsory fromYears 7-9

and offered as an optional

subject fromYears 10-13.


Science is compulsory for

students up to Year 11.

From here it separates into

the specialist areas of Biology,

Chemistry and Physics.

The College opened six

refurbished labs in 2011.