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Mercy Spirit


Villa Girls are known for their integrity, self-assurance and


The spirit of Mercy is brought to life at Villa Maria College. It shapes all that we do and makes our College a

very special place. The traditions of Villa Maria’s founders, the Sisters of Mercy, continue to inspire us and

influence all aspects of College life.

Pastoral Care

There is a real sense of family at Villa Maria College.  Villa girls are encouraged to look after each other and

give something back to the life of the College.

We pride ourselves on the holistic support we offer our girls which encompasses spiritual, emotional and

physical wellbeing. If girls are experiencing difficulties or stressful phases, we have comprehensive support

systems and expert staff to offer assistance. In addition, small class sizes and a culture of mutual respect

between staff and students provide strong safety nets for girls when they need them. Working together

with families completes our holistic approach in which we emphasise regular and open communication at

all times.

The House System

On arrival at Villa Maria College, girls are placed in one of our six ‘Houses’. The Houses are designed to

encourage camaraderie and a sense of belonging between students across all year levels. Each House is led

by a staff member known as the ‘Head of House’ who oversees the pastoral care of the girls.

The Vertical Group

Girls in each House are divided into Vertical Groups which consist of four or five members of each year level

and are led by a staff member. Vertical Groups meet daily for prayer, roll check and notices.

Peer Tutoring

Another way we build community at Villa is through the Peer Tutoring system. Girls fromYear 13 have the

opportunity to give something back by sharing knowledge of their chosen subjects with younger students.

Peer Support

At the very start of Year 12, selected students attend a training day to learn how to be Peer Support

Leaders. The purpose of this scheme is to help Year 9 students settle into Villa and to provide leadership

opportunities for Year 12 girls.

The guidance network

The entire staff work in a caring fashion to

help girls through their teenage years. The

Guidance Counsellor is happy to help any

student who is having personal, social or

behavioural problems. The Careers Advisor

is based in a well-equipped Careers Centre

and assists students in their vocational and

educational choices.